• mRNA, microRNA and lncRNA as novel bladder tumor markers.

      Wieczorek, Edyta; Reszka, Edyta; Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (2018-02)
      Early detection of bladder cancer (BC) is essential for improvement of the patient's prognosis and general survival rates. Current diagnostic methods are still limited, so new specific and cost-effective biomarkers are emerging as the noninvasive tools in treatment decisions in recurrent BC. Gene expression and epigenetic profile can be analysed using quantitative real-time-PCR (qRT-PCR) method in urine, blood and tissue. This review provides an update of recent findings on BC molecular profile as novel markers in diagnosis and prognosis of bladder tumors. We describe mRNA-, microRNA- and lncRNA-based biomarkers involved in the BC detection, diagnosis, prediction of recurrence and monitoring after treatment.