• Establishing the European diagnostic reference levels for interventional cardiology.

      Siiskonen, T; Ciraj-Bjelac, O; Dabin, J; Diklic, A; Domienik-Andrzejewska, J; Farah, J; Fernandez, J M; Gallagher, A; Hourdakis, C J; Jurkovic, S; et al. (2018-10-01)
      Interventional cardiac procedures may be associated with high patient doses and therefore require special attention to protect the patients from radiation injuries such as skin erythema, cardiovascular tissue reactions or radiation-induced cancer. In this study, patient exposure data is collected from 13 countries (37 clinics and nearly 50 interventional rooms) and for 10 different procedures. Dose data was collected from a total of 14,922 interventional cardiology procedures. Based on these data European diagnostic reference levels (DRL) for air kerma-area product are suggested for coronary angiography (CA, DRL = 35 Gy cm