• Rare Variants in Known Susceptibility Loci and Their Contribution to Risk of Lung Cancer.

      Liu, Yanhong; Lusk, Christine M; Cho, Michael H; Silverman, Edwin K; Qiao, Dandi; Zhang, Ruyang; Scheurer, Michael E; Kheradmand, Farrah; Wheeler, David A; Tsavachidis, Spiridon; et al. (2018-10)
      Genome-wide association studies are widely used to map genomic regions contributing to lung cancer (LC) susceptibility, but they typically do not identify the precise disease-causing genes/variants. To unveil the inherited genetic variants that cause LC, we performed focused exome-sequencing analyses on genes located in 121 genome-wide association study-identified loci previously implicated in the risk of LC, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary function level, and smoking behavior.