• Associations between maternal physical activity in early and late pregnancy and offspring birth size: remote federated individual level meta-analysis from eight cohort studies.

      Pastorino, S; Bishop, T; Crozier, S R; Granström, C; Kordas, K; Küpers, L K; O'Brien, E C; Polanska, K; Sauder, K A; Zafarmand, M H; et al. (2019-03-01)
      Evidence on the impact of leisure time physical activity (LTPA) in pregnancy on birth size is inconsistent. We aimed to examine the association between LTPA during early and late pregnancy and newborn anthropometric outcomes. Individual level meta-analysis, which reduces heterogeneity across studies. A consortium of eight population-based studies (seven European and one US) comprising 72 694 participants. Generalised linear models with consistent inclusion of confounders (gestational age, sex, parity, maternal age, education, ethnicity, BMI, smoking, and alcohol intake) were used to test associations between self-reported LTPA at either early (8-18 weeks gestation) or late pregnancy (30+ weeks) and the outcomes. Results were pooled using random effects meta-analyses.